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LOVERACING.NZ Pony Scurry Series

The LOVERACING.NZ Pony Scurry Series is an exciting competition that provides an opportunity for young riders to showcase their skills and compete in a fun and supportive environment

Ride To Time

The programme is run by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) and aims to teach young riders how to ride at a given pace over a given distance, while understanding their horse’s natural pace. It also helps young riders to judge how fast they are travelling and what is a safe and balanced speed.

Behind The Scenes Tours

We are giving people who are serious about finding out more about our great industry, or looking to gain employment within the industry, the chance to go behind the scenes and get a taste of what it takes to put on a raceday, witness the hustle and bustle of a morning at trackwork or visit one of New Zealand's many picturesque Stud farms. 

Expos & Appearances

Our team of Education Advisors often attends school career expos, equestrian events or show up in the community, armed with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the industry and opportunities within. 

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