NZ Equine Breeding Courses

Level 3 and 4 Industry Training with NZ Equine Breeding Certificates

If you have an affinity with horses and are committed to the high level of care needed to nurture quality horses, you'll find a career here. 

What are my options?

From Bloodstock Agent to Yearling Groom, there are many career opportunities within the vibrant New Zealand Thoroughbred breeding industry. 

If you are willing to work hard and have a passion for horses, the Thoroughbred industry can be a rewarding career path and many have travelled the world doing a job they love.  

The New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders Association offer breeding courses that cater to those starting out in the industry to those wanting to further themselves on a management level. 

Want to enhance your career options in the Equine industry?

Are you looking at developing your skills in stud management and opening up a host of opportunities to excel in the Equine breeding industry? Then look no further. 

  • The NZ Apprenticeship in Equine Breeding is the only course of its kind in NZ and is tailored to meet industry needs. It combines comprehensive theory and practical work-based training, to provide graduates with the skill and knowledge to secure jobs in the industry. 

  • You can gain an internationally recognised qualification while working in the Equine breeding industry. 

  • Trainees will gain valuable knowledge in areas such as foaling, reproduction, neonatal care, sales preparation, equine anatomy and physiology, equine health, and production of Thoroughbred or Standardbred. 

  • NZ Certificate in Equine Breeding (Level 3 & 4 available.) 

Level 3

NZ Certificate in Equine Breeding Course

Course duration: 13 months 
Fee: $295 
Qualification: NZQA New Zealand Certificate in Equine Breeding Level 3 

Trainees who graduate from this course will be able to work under limited supervision with responsibility for work outcomes and is best suited for trainees who are entering the industry as it provides the skills and knowledge to assist with all aspects of breeding, mating, and the early education of young horses. 


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Level 4

NZ Certificate in Equine Breeding (New Zealand Apprenticeship) 

Course duration: 22 months 
Fee: $700 
Qualification: NZQA New Zealand Certificate in Equine Breeding, Level 4 

Trainees who graduate from this course will have undergone a New Zealand Apprenticeship and have the skills to work in a self-managed capacity under broad guidance and may have responsibilities for the performance of others.

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Benefits of Industry Training

Students who successfully complete these courses have a number of competitive advantages in terms of a rewarding career in the thoroughbred industry, including: 

  • New Zealand Certificate in Equine Breeding (Level 3 and/or 4) 

  • Eligibility to apply industry-sponsored scholarships to the Irish National Stud 

  • Increased employment opportunities both nationally and worldwide 

  • Complimentary membership to the NZTBA whilst studying, including the Stallion Register 


Course Prerequisites

  • Employed in the NZ industry 

  • Age at least 16 years, with no upper limit 

  • Good health, sound character and motivation to succeed within the industry 

For more information about the course, please email Ellie Aykroyd
Breeding Course Resources
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