New to the Industry

Being new to any industry can be daunting, especially when searching for your first job. To succeed and do well within the Thoroughbred industry, it takes hardwork and dedication, but with the right work-ethic and a passion for the horse you can go far and this industry can take you all over the world. 

There are a number of ways someone can advance their career within the Thoroughbred industry, whether it be through on-the-job training, or through one of the courses or scholarships listed below.

NZTR industry courses & apprenticeships
NZ Equine Academy (Pre-employment Courses)
NZ Equine Breeding Courses
Get Involved

NZTR and NZTBA run a number of event series or expos and are often attending careers days and equestrian shows. To find out more about the Pony Scurry series, Ride to Time or see if the team are coming to an event near you

For more information, or help taking the first step, get in touch with our helpful careers team below.